Role of the Governor

The role of the Governor under the Indian Constitution is quite interesting. He/she is appointed, not elected, by the President of India and usually holds office for a period of 5 years. All actions of the State Government are taken in his/her name but decision and actions are actually taken by the Chief Minister and his Cabinet who are elected representatives of the people. The Governor is obliged to act upon their advice and is therefore only a titular head of the State. However, all State laws require his assent. Also, when a constitutional crisis takes place, such as a situation where no one is able to form the Government then the Governor has to step in. In this matter, his position has been likened to a Diesel Generator. So long there is power supply, the generator sits idle. But if there is failure of supply then it is brought into action. The Governor’s position is exalted but titular. He is required to be politically neutral. He, however has the right to seek information from and give suggestion to the State Government.



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